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COACH Community Mentoring is about creating opportunities and casting hope through one-to-one mentoring for adult and families.


Through this program we create space for you to explore your strengths, try new things, and take steps towards a brighter future.

COACH生命導師成為您的朋友,並同時提供實際幫助和指導您走向人生目標。我們將與您一起確定您想要實現的兩個或三個生活目標,例如教育、就業、育兒、增加社區聯繫以及改善身心健康。 您的導師將在一年內每週與您見面並為您提供一個小時的支持。

A COACH mentor is a friend with purpose, offering practical help and mentoring towards life goals. We will walk alongside you to identify two or three life goals that you want to work towards such as education, employment, parenting, increase in community connection, and improved physical and emotional wellbeing. Your mentor will meet and support you for an hour a week over a one year period.


“Not only have I become great friends with my mentor, I’ve also grown confidence in parenting and decision making, as well as achieving my goal of getting a job I really enjoy”


Our Mentors
Our COACH mentors go through training and a rigorous screening process. We provide each mentor ongoing training, one-to-one professional supervision and access to a team of counsellors, psychologists and community work specialists for consultation and support.

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For more information about COACH please speak to our COACH Coordinator below:

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